The Magic Owl
The Magic Owl


A little blue owl has all the books he could ever want, but is lonely. He discovers a boy reading by a pond and begins to secretly give him books, which brings the owl great joy. When winter comes, the owl needs to find a way to continue sharing his books with the boy. Filling his heart with the desire to give, the owl discovers his own magic and finds a way to surprise the boy with books inside his home. Read more

About Lisa Stammerjohann

Lisa Stammerjohann lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband, son, daughter, and dog. She earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology and is trained in several holistic healing modalities. Lisa is humbled and transformed by the depth of pain and inspiration she has witnessed in the human spirit. Her desire to connect with others continues as she offers her gifts as an author, speaker, and healer.
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Excerpt from the Book

In a deep dark forest lived a little blue owl who loved to read. Read more

$24.95 / Hardcover (No DJ)
ISBN: 9781457516214
26 pages
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